Public transportation is gross. That’s solely the reason I haven’t moved to Boston or New York, I can’t handle being thrown into rail cars like sardines. Plus, there’s no rules on the subway, it’s literally the only place on earth that’s still like “Mad Max”.

Case in point this incident on the Los Angeles commuter rail. Lets start by admitting that Los Angeles public transportation is like a pillow fight compared to the gritty, nasty NYC subway. People get stabbed on the NYC subway daily, while as this video shows, the LA commuter rail is filled with failed actors who are now drug addicts.

But don’t let that take away from the fact that this ripped private citizen totally bagged this shirtless weirdo. This drug-riddled aspiring musician was gallivanting up and down the commuter rail bothering people, and this dude took it upon himself to handle the situation. Sleep tight bro.