In case no one knows what Russell Westbrook did last night, here is what he wore before the game…


And here is the outfit in video form….



Basically Kevin Durant is a notorious fan of photography, it’s one of his favorite hobbies. He was a “certified” photographer at Super Bowl 50 which I guess is cool if you’re into that shit. I’m not an artsy guy but to each their own. Fuck KD though.

Anyway, Russ wore a weird vest thing that said “official photographer” on it which is a blatant dig at KD. I love Russell Westbrook so much. The ultimate competitor and has so much hate for KD it’s amazing.

Of course after the game Westbrook denied that the weird vest thing was anything more than just his fashion but we know the truth. Russ hates KD, I hate KD, you hate KD, we all hate KD.

KD had the last laugh of the night with his team blowing the Thunder out and dropping 39 points. BUT Westbrook won round 1 of the war strictly because of that outfit and this quote:


I’d rather lose with pride than win like a coward.