There’s a couple stories everyday that literally take my breath away. This is one of them.

If you’re still using an AOL email account I almost feel bad for you, but at some point everyone had one. They were one of the first internet companies to offer email and AIM, which was HUGE in the early 2000’s. With that being said, every time you dialed up to AOL back in the middle ages, you’d hear…

Even to this day I can almost repeat sound for sound the dial-up noise that AOL emitted. Along with the dial-up noise, the most popular snippet of audio after you logged on was AOL mail greeting, “You’ve got mail.” It was one of the most recognizable phrases in the early internet space, and I had always wondered what had happened to the guy who did the voiceover work for the email greeting.

I would’ve guessed he was in the Bahamas or Bermuda sipping on a tropical drink and enjoying the pile of money he must’ve made from the iconic phrase. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The AOL “You’ve got mail”, guy is an Uber driver in Ohio.

I mean this girl had a pretty controlled reaction when she found out. Now it may have been because she sounded sober while taking the Uber, but if we’re all being honest, most people only take Uber when they’ve had a couple of drinks (like ten). If I hoped into an Uber and this fucking guy was my driver I would be in full fan freakout mode the whole ride. I have a million questions I’d want answered and I’d want him to do the voice for the whole ride. There’s no doubt this guy would give me a zero-star rating, but it’d be worth it.