Today’s the day everyone has been waiting for. Actually, everyone’s been waiting for tomorrow, November 9th when this nightmare of an election is all over. But to think the exhausting media coverage of this election will end tonight when a winner is declared is way too optimistic. Regardless of what happens in the coming hours of election coverage, we will NEVER hear the end of Hilary’s many political scandals or Trump’s misogynistic and racist comments. Those aren’t going away, no matter who wins. But what will happen tonight is one side will win, one side will lose and our country will remain divided by political lines. But at least we can say the 2016 election is finally over. Here’s what to look forward to tonight:



Hilary’s gonna win. It’s all but locked up for the Democrats to win their third consecutive presidential election, which begs the question: Are the Dems a dynasty? All the Democrats have to do is win the same states they’ve won in the last six presidential races and they will be within 28 electoral votes of victory.


That doesn’t mean this won’t be a tight race. There are some conceivable scenarios in which Trump steals a couple left-leaning states like Pennsylvania (20 votes), Wisconsin (10 votes) or Nevada (6 votes). If he gets one or two of those and also wraps up some of three 50-50 states in this election, Florida (29 votes) and North Carolina (15 votes), New Hampshire (4 votes), we will wake up tomorrow with some VERY displeased liberals saying good morning to President Trump. And support from two proven winners like Tom Brady and Coach Belichick won’t hurt Trump’s chances of winning NH.


So as the most divisive and unpredictable presidential race comes to an end, we have to endure one last politics-filled day of social media that is Election Day. Over the past few weeks you’ve probably been bombarded by countless “get out and vote!” tweets and posts that have the underlying message “as long as its for the person I want you to vote for.” Well today we get to see “I VOTED” stickers in every Instagram or snapchat you open and endure judgmental glares from these people if you don’t have a sticker on your jacket. If you see someone at work wearing one of these stickers, avoid them at all costs because they will interrogate you about whether or not you voted. If you answer yes, you will have to tell them who you voted for. If you say no, you will be lectured and guilt-tripped about how its your civic duty to vote and millions of people died for your right to vote. A lot of awkward conversations are going on in workplaces all over America today. And if you lie to your boss and say you’re going out to vote when you actually just want to get out of the office for a few hours, make sure you grab a sticker from somewhere to backup your story.