UFC 205’s Prelims are no joke for once. This undercard might actually be better than past UFC main cards. That’s how good UFC 205 is going to be.  I mean take a look at this card…


Frankie Edgar vs. Jeremey Stephens

Frankie Edgar if you don’t remember was on pace to face Conor McGregor for the 145lb title. All he had to do was beat Jose Aldo at UFC 205 and he would have faced him. Well, that certainly didn’t go as planned as he took a beating against Aldo. Credit to him for lasting all 5 rounds though.

Edgar has beat some solid guys in his career though as he beat Chad Mendes and Uriah Faber (guy with long blonde hair).

Jeremy Stephens is the guy who Conor McGregor eviscerated at the UFC 205 Pre press conference. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Laugh out loud funny. Jeremy Stephens is definitely a nobody but he’s a nobody with some punching power.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Michael Johnson 

Take this from a guy who has an abnormal name… Khabib Nurmalsdkfjaldsjfas is a hell of an name.  He is also one hell of a fighter.  I actually think this might be top 3 fights of the night when it’s all said and done.

Khabib is absolutely savage fighter that no one talks about.  He’s 23-0 with like a million knockouts. He’s #2 in his class and he should have a title fight sooner rather than later if he takes care of business against Johnson.

Alos a little birdie (Dana White allegedly) told me that Conor McGregor wanted no part of fighting Khabib.   Michael Johnson stepped in and he’s a solid matchup. He’s 18-1o but he’s electric/athletic as fuck. Going to be a battle.

Rashad Evans vs. Tim Kennedy

Was going to be a good fight until literally it was announced today that Evans was out with an injury. Not sure who the replacement is. Sucks.

No one gives a shit about the last fight.



Stay tuned for more blogs the remainder of this week for what should be the best UFC event to date.