Curtis Granderson has a hotter take on the 2016 election than anything you’ve seen in your Facebook news feed these past couple days.

The New York Mets outfielder spoke about Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, but unlike most athletes he didn’t express any displeasure with the results. Instead, he said this:

“A lot of people came out and voted. The votes showed which way they wanted to see things happen. You had a lot of people on both sides of it.”

“I think when I saw the popular vote it was close — Hillary won by a little margin, but in the big states where things were decided and could be decided, a lot of the people were Trump supporters on that side.”

Well…he uhh, isn’t wrong…

Even though Granderson’s statement pretty much just recited what happened — rather than express an opinion one way or another — I get why he wouldn’t want to speak up about it. All that would accomplish is bringing unnecessary attention to himself, and Granderson has never been the type of guy to do that.