Let me start by saying I was more shocked than almost anyone that Donald Trump won the presidency. I honestly thought the guy had no shot and that his personality and temperament were going to be his downfall. Apparently those factors are what actually gave him the win over Clinton, but what has come after this shocking result is shameful.

Democrats thought even if Clinton won, Trump would say the system was rigged and he would never concede the election. Now this may be true, but that’s no reason to justify the terrible protests and violence that has occurred after Trump’s victory. It’s obvious that a bunch of mostly white and under-educated people in this country feel like the world is passing them by. Their skills and trades aren’t needed in the current globalized world and they voted for a guy who promised to bring those jobs back. Now I disagree with a lot of that sentiment, but I respect the people that voted for Trump and I respect the outcome of our democratic election.

With that being said, here are two examples of pure hypocrisy on the side of the left. If Trump lost and didn’t accept that he lost, the left-wing would be outraged. But now that Trump won and Hillary lost, they’re participating in activities they would’ve condemned if the election went the other way. I’m of the opinion that we have to come together, talk about our differences and make this country what WE want it to be, because a lot of liberal elites don’t realize how many people are still struggling in this country.

Both of these videos are utterly embarrassing.