Did you guys see the UFC 205 Pre-Fight Press Conference yesterday? It was absolutely spectacular. Of course Conor McGregor showed up slightly late and still managed to steal the show.  You can tell him and Eddie don’t like each other and that’s what McGregor does to his opponents, he wears them down before the fight even starts.

McGregor just came and took Eddie’s belt right at the start.  That is an absolute no go for any UFC fighter.

Eddie obviously didn’t like that and retaliated slightly.

Apparently Conor McGregor in previous weeks made statements that Eddie’s wife and children will beg Conor to stop the fight because Eddie’s face will be too beaten up. Well Alvarez took to those words at the press conference. He asked McGregor for an apology and McGregor said “suck my Irish balls.”  I love it so much, it’s intense for sure.

The Fight

As for the fight itself, it should be an absolute tilt.  Conor predicts the fight to be over in 1 round, but I don’t see it going that way.  As I said earlier this week, Eddie Alvarez is no joke. That dude can brawl and these 2 will be trading shots for at least a few rounds.

With that being said, I have said this a million times and will continue to say it, I drink all the Conor McGregor koolaid.  There is just something different about him than anyone else I have ever seen.  There is no way he should lose this fight.

Let’s. Fucking. Do. This.