Mike Evans is the latest attention-seeking NFL player to protest during the National Anthem.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ star wideout sat during the National Anthem on Sunday. He’s far from the first player to do so this season, and he most likely won’t be the last. However, his reasoning differs from that of other players who have protested the anthem. Those players — notably fraud/hypocrite Colin Kaepernick — protested racial inequality and police brutality on African Americans. Evans, on the other hand, is protesting Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

“I’m not big on politics or anything like that, but I told myself, ‘If this happens, America is not right right now,'” Evans said after Sunday’s game vs. the Bears. “I said this a long time ago — when he ran, I thought it was a joke. The joke continues.”

“When Ashton Kutcher comes out and says, ‘We’ve been Punk’d,’ I’ll stand again, but I won’t stand anymore.”

Uh…news flash, Mike. Punk’d was cancelled in 2007. Ashton Kutcher ain’t coming through that door. This is real life. This is the situation you and millions of others who didn’t vote have created. And no, one vote isn’t necessarily going to change much in Texas (where Evans is registered), but that isn’t the point. It’s the fact your message is meaningless because you did nothing to even attempt to prevent Trump’s victory from happening. Instead, you’re stuck sitting there waiting for cameras to show you whimpering on the sideline.

Yes, that’s right, Evans is protesting the results of an election that he didn’t even vote in. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s because Kaepernick is pretty much doing the same thing.

Anyway, Evans stated he doesn’t plan on standing for the National Anthem as long as Trump is the president-elect of the United States. If that’s the case, we’re all really looking forward to seeing you stand up in four years, Mike! (Just kidding, none of us really give a shit).

Here’s the Buccaneers’ official statement on the matter:

UPDATE: Evans released a statement to ESPN apologizing for sitting during the National Anthem and saying he will stand from now on.

“I have very strong emotions regarding some of the many issues that exist in our society today. I chose to sit as an expression of my frustration towards this year’s election. It was very personal for me, as it was for so many Americans.

“With that being said, I will not sit again during the National Anthem because I want to focus my efforts on finding more effective ways to communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. This Sunday, I will be back to standing with my teammates.”

Well, alrighty then.