Going into this past Saturday’s SNL, everyone knew the satirical show would direct most of their sketches towards the outcome of the 2016 Election. Now SNL let Donald Trump host the show last season in the midst of the Republican primaries, so their hands are definitely not clean. This is an issue because during this episode SNL was almost lecturing Democrats and other “Coastal Elites” on how Trump won the presidency. But the show didn’t admit one iota of blame in getting Trump elected, this is an issue because unless you live under a rock you realize SNL leans heavily to the left. I just thought it was immature how, especially Weekend Update, lectured liberals.

Anyways, what a show this was. I’ll give it to SNL, having Dave Chappelle host SNL for the first time after this kind of election result was always going to be a powder keg of intrigue. The show went a lot smoother than I preemptively thought it would and Dave Chappelle actually was very eloquent on his election commentary.

Sketch of the Night:

I’m a registered independent but I voted for Hillary because I think Donald Trump is human garbage. This sketch hit WAY to close home for me and a lot of my friends and family living here in New England. We never even thought Trump had a chance to win this election, and this election paints the perfect picture to why. I also loved the Chris Rock sighting.