The thrilling game between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors last night marked the third annual celebration of “Drake Night” at the Air Canada Centre. Interestingly enough, three years ago is right around the time that the Raptors were good for the first time since Drake became a household name. Prior to that, he was basically a LeBron James lover, but, now that the Raptors are playing well, he’s a (fair weather) Toronto fan. But he’s a national treasure in Canada (I guess), so forgive and forget, right?

Anyway, the contest itself was awesome, with both teams playing in mid-season form. The Warriors came out on top in the high-scoring affair 127-121. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant led the way for the Dubs with 35 points and 30 points, respectively. Even though this was arguably the most exciting game of the young season thus far, it was teeming with several awkward moments that occurred away from the in-game action.

For one, the fact that a professional sports franchise has an entire game each season dedicated to an overrated rapper who just so happens to hail from Toronto and who just so happens to occasionally sit courtside at Raptors home games, only to draw undeserved attention to himself in doing so, is pretty weird and pathetic. The team even presented Drake with a godawful fur coat-basketball jersey hybrid to honor the “special” occasion.

Also, what Drake did during the game (which was televised on ESPN) made Drake Night a very uncomfortable event. He wore a specially made sweater with a headshot of ESPN commentator/sideline reporter Doris Burke emblazoned on the front, even though Burke wasn’t even at the game. Implying that Burke was his “Woman Crush Everyday,” Drake proceeded to talk about the creepy sweater in a courtside interview.

Yes, superstar Drake sleazily asked out 50-year-old mother-of-two Doris Burke on national television. I guess rich and famous guys can get away with stuff like that, though, because Burke’s response on Twitter included a heart emoji.

During the course of the game, Drake pulled his typical antics of over-celebrating after the Raptors made a good play, and he also stared down opposing players who could easily choke him out if they wanted to.

After the game, Durant seemed annoyed with the nasally rapper, who childishly interrupted his postgame interview with a shove from behind.

Of course, it was all in good fun, as KD and Drake are buddies. But it still made for an awkward moment in what was an all-around awkward night in Toronto. Lost in all of the hullabaloo surrounding Aubrey Drake Graham was Golden State’s Klay Thompson casually sipping a Coors Light while being interviewed in the locker room after the game.

I get the feeling that the NBA wasn’t too thrilled about that.

So, to recap, there was a nationally televised NBA game dedicated to the Association’s most annoying fair weather fan. There was an unnerving sweater and an even more unnerving “dinner at my house” proposal. There were staredowns and weird interviews. There was even a light beer cameo. That about sums up the third annual Drake Night (the first of which involved a Raptors loss), a night that can’t be forgotten quickly enough.

Let’s all hope that the Raptors implode at some point this season, causing Drake to keep his distance from the team for awhile. Because, based on the peculiarities of yesterday, a fourth Drake Night might bring with it the ruination of the NBA.