Let’s get one thing straight, words can’t describe what Conor McGregor did to Eddie Alvarez last Saturday.  Now that the dust has settled, words still can’t describe what McGregor did to the entire UFC.

He is a one of a kind fighter.  He is a once in a generation showman.  Mystic Mac has predicted the past 3 out of his 4 fights accurately. Do you know how hard to do that is? Almost impossible.

The most impressive characteristic of Conor McGregor isn’t his lighting fast hands, his striking distance, or his punching power, it is his psyche.  He has the craziest mental fortitude I have ever seen.  He is so calm in the ring it’s unparallel. He is the type of individual who knows what he needs to get done and trains his absolute hardest to get it done while not wasting any extra time.

Biggest superstar on the planet and it’s all due to hard work and dedication.  Who is Conor McGregor’s next opponent? Let’s take a look at his options.

1. Nate Diaz For The 155 Lb Title

In a previous blog, this was my prediction from the start. I always thought that once McGregor beat Alvarez and got the title, the trilogy would be complete one way or another with McGregor and Diaz facing off for the 155lb title.  Im antsy just thinking about it.

2. Tyron Woodley For The 170 LB Title

I almost really want this to happen more than Diaz.  Can you imagine if The Notorious fought for a 3rd title.  Woodley is an absolute beast, probably second strongest in the UFC.  I still think it would be a fight and Conor McGregor would have a very good chance of winning.  The shit that would happen if McGregor was champ in 3 different weight classes at the same time….

3. Khabib Nurmaalkdjldsjfalsd

Khabib dominated last Saturday and that’s putting it lightly.  Like I said before, he is an absolute monster, undefeated, and ready for his championship moment.  If there is one guy who could/should but up a fight against the champ its Khabib. I just don’t think Dana White will schedule the match.

4. Wildcard – Nick Diaz

Absolute long shot but Nick Diaz is better than his brother so this would be beyond a tilt.