NBA journeyman Markieff Morris created a bevy of problems while with the Phoenix Suns. The Suns finally wised up and traded him to the Washington Wizards at the trade deadline last season, and Morris is already alienating himself from the Washington fanbase and possibly the Wizards franchise, too.

With the Wizards up big on the New York Knicks midway through the fourth quarter, Morris, a 6-10, 245-pound power forward, decided to attempt a three-point shot from the top of the key. Morris seemed to rethink the idea by bringing the ball back down but then decided to chuck it. Morris’s attempt was well off the mark, missing literally everything.

From there, the Wizards fans at the Verizon Center began to serenade their short-tempered power forward with boos. Although the Wizards were leading by 22 points at the time, an ill-advised three-pointer by a big man is never considered to be okay, so the booing was perfectly understandable. Instead of dropping his head and running to the other end of the court, hoping to ingratiate himself to the fans on the defensive end, Markieff pulled a Markieff and decided to ask for more booing in the most condescending of ways.

Doing the old “get louder” hand gesture, Morris asked the home crowd that he is supposed to be attempting to win over for more booing, making a mockery of both himself and Washington’s fans. Making matters worse, his own teammates sitting on the bench began to visibly laugh at Morris. But they weren’t laughing with him; they were definitely laughing at him.

Morris played off the situation like it was nothing, but he looked even more foolish when the Knicks made a game of it, losing in the end by a much slimmer seven-point margin. Basically, Morris’s gaffe was a no harm, no foul situation, but it definitely didn’t help his cause in earning his keep with the Wizards.

Markieff is a player who wore out his welcome in Phoenix by demanding a trade after his twin brother, Marcus, was traded by the Suns, throwing a towel at the head coach and scuffling with a teammate on the bench. Therefore, one would think that Morris would be trying everything he could to earn the trust of the Washington franchise and its fans. But I guess he’ll never learn. And, because of that, the occasional booing may never cease.