Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard Tony Allen is famous for his defensive ability. And that’s it. Hall of Fame shooting guard Michael Jordan is famous for everything. And that’s that. So what in God’s name compelled Allen to stare down His Airness after making a simple layup? The world may never know.

Just as a reminder, MJ is gradually ruining his life/basketball reputation by owning the lowly Charlotte Hornets or Bobcats or whatever the hell you want to call them. So, in last night’s game between Memphis and Charlotte, when Allen fooled the washed-up Marco Belinelli (who isn’t famous for anything) of Charlotte with a spin move near the basket, Allen finished with a wide open layup and had the audacity to stare menacingly at Jordan thereafter.

As usual, Jordan was sitting behind the Hornets’ bench, and his reaction to Allen’s staredown was one of pure hysteria. It’s not exactly clear why he laughed so hard. Maybe, he was guffawing at his team’s pathetic defense. Maybe, he was laughing at the fact that some nobody had the impudence to stare him down. Maybe, it was a combination of both of those reasons.

Allen’s decision, at best, is questionable. At worst, it is a basketball death sentence. Don’t disregard the genuine possibility of MJ coming out of retirement the next time that the Hornets play the Grizzlies simply to show up Allen. Jordan’s trademark competitiveness knows no bounds.

One thing is for certain, though. Allen should reconsider his prerequisites for initiating a staredown with someone. Because it doesn’t matter if he dunks from the free throw line or hits a game-winning shot. Allen should never, ever, under any circumstances, stare down His Airness. Case closed.