LA Times: Two weeks after becoming the first man to simultaneously hold two UFC belts, Ireland’s Conor McGregor has vacated his featherweight title.

The adjustments were made because of the injury to light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, whose withdrawal from the UFC 206 main event on Dec. 10 in Toronto forced the creation of a significant replacement bout.


I did not expect to see this article headline for at least another few months.  I figured there was no way that McGregor could hold on to 2 belts at the same time and not defend both of them.  It wouldn’t be fair to the 2 divisions he held the belts in.  Also, you can tell that McGregor is just too big for the 145lb division. He was never going to go back down there and fight again so this makes sense.

I thought it was going to ‘take an army’ to take a belt away from McGregor? Did Dana White promise McGregor something here? Did Dana White flex his muscles here? Or did Notorious look at all business standpoints and think this was the best decision? Only time will tell. *

Aldo vs. Pettis at UFC 206 should be entertaining for sure.  Jose Aldo…you’re 145lb undisputed champion.

* I personally hope that the UFC didn’t talk to McGregor about UFC 206 and just decided to take the belt from him. If that’s the case then expect all hell to be broken loose, which will be pure entertainment.