Let’s be real: LeBron James is intimidating. Love him or hate him, he’s a frightening dude on the basketball court. Just ask these old ladies.

But last night, the King didn’t frighten a couple of elderly women. Instead, he scared a fellow NBA small forward. Robert Covington of the Philadelphia 76ers is one of those random “Trust the Process” byproducts that plays for Philly, and yesterday, the Sixers faced off with the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading to a scary experience for Covington.

Having clearly seen too many Top Plays on SportsCenter featuring James ruining an easy layup attempt with one of those beastly blocks against the backboard, Covington was not about to be LeBron’s latest victim.

Attempting the hasty layup version of Pop-A-Shot, Covington tried to pull a fast one of James, but the sheer terror that LeBron seems to inflict upon other lesser players caused Covington to miss the shot nonetheless.

So, basically, LeBron has entered the fifth dimension as it relates to his basketball prowess, being able to block shots with his mind by way of instilling fear in his opponents. Covington never stood a chance.

Shockingly, James was not credited with a block for this, but the official scorers should reconsider. Telepathic blocks need to count, too.