Let’s run down the Floyd Mayweather checklist, shall we? Still rich? Check! Still an unrelenting braggart? Check! Still incredibly stupid? Check! Still being stalked by Darren Rovell? Check!

So, apparently, Mayweather, in a fit of braggadocious rage, posted a picture of the check that he received from that crummy Pacquiao fight earlier today. And it brought with it several questions.

Firstly, is this check real or fake? I’m thinking fake. Maybe Mayweather filled out a blank check simply to prove that he can write. I’m not questioning the ridiculously large purse. I realize that Floyd is called “Money” for a reason. But I can’t imagine that a payment of this magnitude would be made via a handwritten check. Something that official would likely be done in typeface.

Secondly, assuming that the check is real, does Mayweather Promotions not know about direct deposit? Again, I’m pretty sure Mayweather wrote it out merely to prove that he knows how to write.

Thirdly, does Mayweather still have this check? A normal person would dart to the nearest ATM as quickly as possible after receiving a check like this to cash it. But, as arrogant and moronic as Mayweather is, he honestly might still have it lying around the house simply so he can stare at it and gloat. Of course, a normal person would be worried about the check being stolen, but Mayweather likely employs a large militia to defend his domain.

Regardless of the answers to those questions, one thing is for certain: Floyd Mayweather needs to go away. That’s typically what retired athletes do. They gradually disappear from the public limelight. Okay, so he went 49-0. Congrats. He also benefited during his career from the fact that boxing has been a dying sport since the early 2000s. So either man up and fight Conor McGregor or go away, Floyd. Because nobody cares about boxing or how rich you are anymore.