Aside from getting buckets, Earl Joseph “J.R.” Smith III is known for being the most hilariously entertaining player in the NBA. While other try-hards, such as Swaggy P and Blake Griffin, go to great lengths to be cool and funny, J.R. does it without even trying.

The annals of classic J.R. moments are filled with gems, but everybody’s favorite hoopster goofball provided the world with perhaps his greatest gem of all on Tuesday night.

First of all, why the hell is Jason Terry still playing, and when the hell did he go to the Milwaukee Bucks? Anyway, with Smith’s Cleveland Cavaliers in Milwaukee to take on the Bucks, J.R. evidently thought that the brief pause before a Milwaukee inbound pass was the opportune time to exchange pleasantries with an old friend.

So while J.R. casually sauntered to the Bucks’ bench to dap up Terry, the Bucks took advantage of the man-up situation, as the player J.R. was supposed to be guarding was passed to for a wide-open dunk.

The funniest part of Smith’s major lapse in judgment is that Terry seemed to be more concerned about J.R. being away from the action than J.R. was. Notice how quickly Terry moves to and from his seat, while Smith loafs the entire time.

For what it’s worth, the Bucks won by 17 points, so it’s not like this basket cost the Cavs too dearly. Regardless, this is an epic moment in J.R. Smith history, and for that, we should all be thankful that we witnessed it.