And that’s all she wrote folks.  It has been a great college football season but this is the last week of Weekly Wagers. We’ve had our ups and our downs for gambling but that’s literally how gambling goes.  I will be back next college football season for some more Weekly Wagers. Maybe next week I will keep a win lose record next to the Spread and the Over/Unders so we can see how well I do week in and week out.  Just a smart idea that never crossed my mind until now.

I will probably do some of the big bowl games because why not. Until then, have fun with the conference championship picks. Should be a hell of a weekend


  • Colorado +8 vs. Washington
    • I honestly think I am taking this more on a “I hate Washington bias” than Colorado is the better team mentality.
  • Navy -3.5 vs. Temple
    • Why is this so low? Navy should beat the bag out of Temple.
  • Clemson -10.5 vs. Virginia Tech
    • Fuck Virginia Tech. I can’t believe UNC blew it and aren’t playing in the title game.
  • Florida +24 vs. Alabama
    • I’m probably going to regret this one but in a championship game I hope Florida has the decency and heart to at least keep it under 24 points.
  • Penn State + 3.5 vs. Wisconsin
    • Everything in my bones tells me to take Wisconsin but one of my boys went to Penn State so I’m going to be a good friend and stick by his side.



  • Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State 77 OVER
    • Picking the over for an Oklahoma game is almost free money.
  •  Baylor vs. West Virginia 68 OVER
    • I’m almost positive neither of these teams play defense ever.
  • Penn State vs. Wisconsin 47 Under
    • Now both of these teams play defense and there offenses are usually hit or miss.
  • Alabama vs. Florida 41 OVER
    • I honestly think Bama could score 41 points themselves.
  • Clemson vs. Virginia Tech 59 OVER
    • I have no reason to say the over here but if I have to watch these 2 teams play each other I’m rooting for points.