As you may or may not know, I’ve been doing Westworld theory blogs on and off all season long.  Huge advocate of the show before I even knew what it was and it has not disappointed one bit.  Justin and I also talk about it quite frequently on Anything Goes (subscribe on itunes and listen please tysm, also maybe give us a follow on @AnythingGoesLR).

Anyway, tonight is the finale and it is apparently going to be an hour and a half instead of an hour. That just means that shits going down as the second half of the season has been above and beyond the standard of excellence. Now the show is definitely slightly confusing, but by this point it is quite clear that there are multiple timelines.  William as the MiB is not as certain as the multiple timelines but it’s getting closer and closer.  Show writer Jonathon Nolan ( Interstellar, Inception, Momento, The Prestige) is like the king of mindfuck movies and TV shows.  He knows how to play camera angles to throw viewers off their game.  He is doing the same in Westworld.

Let’s try to break everything down below with my stupid brain (and Reddit).

Time Period 1- 35-40ish years prior to current events

This is when Dolores is walking and sees all the hosts being taught to dance and interact.

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Also in this time period is when Dolores sees all the dead hosts on the ground. That is most likely “The Massacre in Sweetheart and the Town with the White Church.”  I actually think Teddy aka handsome guy and Dolores killed all the hosts but thats for another day.


There are also some scenes when Dolores is talking to Bernard but it is actually Arnold before he died. For example, one of these scenes is in either episode 2 or 3 when Bernard (Arnold) tells Dolores about the Maze.  Pretty much any scene when Bernard (Arnold) is fascinated with Dolores and talks to her as a human its Arnold and it’s well in the past.

When Dolores talks to Lawrence’s Daughter and she asks her about the maze that is also 35ish years in the past.


This is a perfect example of Jonathon Nolan playing tricks with our minds on the camera angles. After this scene we see Dolores talking to the Sherriff and Lawrence daughter is gone. That is actually the 30 year prior timeline instead. They switch timelines on us left and right.

Time Period 2- 30 years prior to current events

This period is ALL Dolores and William. In episode 1, MiB says “I’ve been coming here for 30 years.”  Big hmmmmm right there.

Remember the host who tried to fuck William and was in the room with him while he was getting dressed? Well if you don’t, don’t worry I have your back.


If you don’t recognize her then you’re stupid. I just posted a picture of her above, she was the woman with the umbrella in the previous timeline.  Huge spoiler by Westworld showing her twice because that just confirms multiple timelines.

In addition, when William and Logan get to Westworld, the logo is significantly older than the one shown at other points in the show.


Literally everything with William and Logan is this time period. That is pretty much all you have to know. A big part is when Logan is General and captures William and Dolores he shows them a picture of William’s fiancée. (Keep this picture in mind FYI.)


Time Period 3- 1 year to current events

Personally, I didn’t think there was 4 time periods but after reading my life away on Reddit, I am now convinced, which by the way, is not hard to do.

Maeve and the Man in Black are part of this time period.  “You’ve only been the madam at the Mariposa for the last year or so” (Felix, episode 6). That line is all I needed to convince me.

I also believe that during this time period, the following occurred:

  • Maeve’s memory is wiped clean, she then proceeds to take a knife to her throat in front of Ford and Bernard.

Time Period 4- Present

Remember in episode 1 when Dolores and Teddy meet the MiB at Peter Abernathy’s ranch? Yeah that was a present timeline moment.

Also remember William’s fiancée picture I told you to keep in mind?  Yeah that was also a present timeline moment.


This is the picture that made Peter Abernathy go bananas.  He starts to utter the phrase  ” violent delights have violent ends” and Dolores starts to hear Arnold’s voice in her head.

Other scenes that take place in the present:

  • Dolores arrives in the graveyard outside Pariah alone. She goes through Pariah and boards the train to the outskirts of the park
  • Dolores arrives at the lake where William and Dolores met the young Confederado 30 years ago.
  • Dolores arrives at the Town with White Church.
  • The MiB encounters Dolores and takes her to the barn to get reacquainted. He then goes to Sweetwater to find the dealer, Kissy, who “gives” him the Maze map and tells him about his friend, Lawrence.
  • The MiB and Lawrence take off to find Wyatt and encounter Teddy who’s been left for dead by Wyatt’s gang. They bring him along and the MiB kills Lawrence and uses his blood to keep Teddy alive in order to find Wyatt. Teddy stays with MiB the entire time and they meet the following person.


Do you recognize her? Again, you should. She has been in every timeline. Please look back up at the blog and try to figure out who I am talking about.

  • Finally, the MiB goes to the Town with the White Church and meets Dolores. She is calling out for William at this point which is very interesting. That is all I will say about that.

My Prediction For Tonight’s Finale That Means Nothing Because I’m A Viewer Just Like You

  1. We find out what happened to Elsie. My prediction is she is not dead.
  2. We find out Ford is a human but he has part robot in him because the older he gets and the more his body breaks down, he replaces human parts with robot parts.
  3. Maeve gets to Bernard and helps change his configuration.
  4. Logan gets killed by Dolores.  William can’t forgive her and leaves to go get married.
  5. I’m completely off on every single one of these predictions.