I’m not going to lie to you guys, I missed the Kristen Wiig episode two weeks ago. Luckily it wasn’t a funny episode so I don’t feel we all missed much. But no worries, SNL was back this week with the quirky Emma Stone hosting. I like Emma Stone, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and that’s attractive. Now I don’t think she’s hot by any means, because as a fellow red-head, she looks like she could be my sister (which I actually get asked sometimes). Anyways she had some funny moments during this episode, highlighted by this dumb, pinup model whose voice could break windows.

Sketch of the Night:
This was a perfectly written and conceptualized sketch. If you’ve never watched ‘Finding Bigfoot’, first off you’re severely missing out. The show follows around a oddball group of Bigfoot hunters who travel around North America interviewing eye witnesses of the big, furry creature. Now SNL just applied this concept to Hillary Clinton, who shortly after losing this election, was seen in the woods taking selfies with hikers.