The college football playoff is finally set.  It was a hell of a season, but it’s time for the big boy games.  Let’s check out what the playoff committee decided to do.

  1. Alabama – Lock, no debate.
  2. Clemson – This was a little interesting.  A lot of people, including myself, thought that Ohio State would get the 2 spot. Clemson has the talent to match anyone in the country but they didn’t have the best season.
  3. Ohio State – Again, I thought that Clemson would have this spot. You know what though? It doesn’t really matter because Clemson and Ohio State are facing each other regardless of who is 2 or 3.
  4. Washington – Not too much of a surprise here. The playoff committee was going to put Washington in the final 4 if they won their conference title, which they did. It doesn’t mean I agree with it at all but it is what it is.

Snubbed: Penn State

That sucks so bad for PSU.  They win the toughest division in college football and don’t get a chance at a national championship.  They beat Ohio State, and they played a lot more better teams than Washington.

Team that blew it: Michigan

Michigan has to be kicking themselves today.  Personally, I thought all season long they were the second best team in college football. It was completely inexcusable losing to Iowa and Ohio State.  They were dominating Ohio State all game but when you have 3 turnovers for 21 points you deserve to lose.  They deserve their fate. Take care of business next time.


Alabama vs. Washington

Clemson vs. Ohio State

Hopefully our college football writer will go more in depth about these matchups sooner rather than later.