When David Ortiz retired after this past season, not only did Red Sox fans get depressed, but I think fans of baseball in general had a little piece of them die. I think everyone felt this way about Ortiz’s retirement, because the Sox’s slugger was retiring at the top of his game.

The 2016 MLB season was one of Ortiz’s best seasons and it was deadly disappointing how the Red Sox got swept by the Indians in the first round of the playoffs. Every Sox fan had dreams of Ortiz winning the World Series in his final season, and then he would TRULY be going out on top. There was a bit of speculation at the end of this past season that Ortiz would ultimately give it one more go, but he was ready to retire and his feet were killing him.

But after Tuesday’s barrage of moves made by the Red Sox, which included trading for stud reliever Tyler Thornburg from the Brewers, and then robbing the White Sox blind for ace pitcher Chris Sale. Those two moves, along with the Red Sox having the best young talent in baseball, prompted pundits to ask the question…Would David Ortiz come back for one more season?

With the Red Sox now as the prohibitive favorite to win the World Series, David Ortiz took to Instagram in order to answer that previously stated question.

My god😳😳😳 my boy sale to Btown? You guys got me thinking 🤔?

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This means Ortiz is coming back, right? One thing I know about Big Papi is that he’s a straight shooter. When he says something in public he usually means it, and I wholeheartedly believe he’s seriously considering a comeback. If he does decided to give us fans one more year, I’ll bet my monthly student loan payment on the Red Sox. At that point every other team should just quit and rebuild for the 2018 season.