Source- ORLANDO, Fla. – The widow of a 69-year-old man has sued an Orlando Walgreens store, accusing them of holding her husband captive until he cleaned and mopped the store’s bathroom.

Maria Elizarraras claims that the humiliation of the experience caused emotional distress so severe that it killed her husband, Fernando Elizarraras. The lawsuit was originally filed in state court but was moved to federal court Monday, according to court documents. According to the suit, Fernando Elizarraras went to the Walgreens on Landstar Boulevard, where he had been a long-term customer, on Oct. 15, 2012.

After using the bathroom at the store, store employees stopped Fernando as he tried to leave and physically escorted him back to the bathroom, the lawsuit alleges. The employees insisted the 69-year-old man clean the facility because, “You left a mess, (expletive) all over the bathroom,” the suit says.

For 20 minutes, Fernando was threatened and forced to clean and mop the bathroom before he was allowed to leave the store, his wife claims in the suit. The incident caused Fernando to be “humiliated, disgraced and injured in his feelings, emotionally and mentally,” the lawsuit says. The emotional distress caused by the situation was so severe that it “resulted in the death of Fernando,” the suit says.

Listen, let me start by saying when I was in high school I worked at a Walgreens. It was literally the worst job I’ve ever had. Luckily, I worked the register so I never had to clean the bathroom, but I can only imagine what kind of filth lies within those walls.

I know, I know, this old man probably destroyed this Walgreens bathroom. I mean if you have to shit or pee bad enough to resort to using a CVS or Walgreens bathroom, it’s almost expected that you make a mess. But I disagree with the Walgreens employees who physically forced the old man to clean up after himself. I’ve said this many times, if you allow public restrooms at your business, YOU, and only YOU are to blame for the consequences. Walgreens doesn’t want old man shitting all over the floor of their Orlando establishment? Then don’t allow customers to use the restrooms in the store, plain and simple. Look what happened in this situation, the guy was so embarrassed by the mess he made, it killed him. Be better Walgreens, be better.