There’s nothing more terrifying for a convenience store cashier than an attempted robbery. When a guy or gal comes to the register demanding all the money, there’s really no game-plan for how to handle the situation.

Every situation is different but luckily for the two cashiers here, this assailant appeared unarmed. When that fact became obvious these two POUNCED, and when I mean pounced, I mean they tag teamed this guy with janitor signs and mops. This scuffle was purely ‘fight or flight’ for these Indian cashiers.

And how about the customer who came halfway through the brawl? Guy comes in the store without any knowledge of the situation and instantly hits the robber over the head with a cooler, and then form-tackles the shit out of this idiot. Loved the move, guy had a ton of pent up anger and this exchange was just what he needed.