Lane Kiffin aka Joey Freshwater is coming to Florida.

Arguably the biggest savage in college football is going to be on the prowl for the ladies in Florida as it has been reported today that he took the FAU head coaching gig.

Initial thought was that it was a very stupid move by Lane Kiffin. Then I thought about it more and it is now the most genius thing that has ever happened.


  • Florida weather.
  • Florida girls.
  • Head coaching position.
  • Will never be left behind by the bus after the game.
  • Doesn’t have to get SCREAMED at by Nick Saban.


  • Probably never going to win a championship there.

Rebuttal to Con

  • Has about a million national championships with Bama and is about to get another one this year.

2017 is Lane Kiffin’s year. Let’s face it though, every year is Joey Freshwater’s year.