I’m always excited when an athlete hosts Saturday Night Live. Even though John Cena isn’t considered an “athlete” per say, he does fit a lot of the stereotypes. This wasn’t Cena’s first dip into acting though, I thought he was hilarious in his short cameo in ‘Trainwreck’. When a big, strong, ripped athlete hosts SNL, I like to see whether the writers take the easy way out and gives them all “athlete” sketches, or allows the athlete to act out sketches outside their comfort zone. Unfortunately I think the writers, for the most part, gave Cena easy sketches for him to execute instead of showing fans, and maybe casting directors, that Cena can play more than just the meathead athlete. This theme was especially prevalent in these two sketches, where Cena plays ‘Gronk’ and a Alabama football player.

Sketch of the Night:
During the episode this seemed like a throw-in sketch, but I thoroughly enjoyed the idea and I think Cena relished in his role. This was the first sketch all night where I felt Cena could just let go, and the whole ensemble was having a great time.