When a video like this one hits the internet, it really puts all your thoughts about other countries into perspective. Like for example, everyone knows that Mexican TV is CRAZY. Its a mix of reality TV, porn, and a zoo.

Whenever a viral clip comes out from Mexican TV it’s usually a wicked hot weatherwoman or a fight on a Telenovela, but this is BY FAR the craziest clip I’ve seen come from our neighbors to the south.

The reactions from everyone on stage during this segment tell me everything I need to know. They have a half-grown, predator lioness who decides she’s hungry all of sudden and concludes the toddler on stage is the easiest target. The lioness pounces and bites the toddlers jeans and EVERYONE stays calm while the lioness pulls this toddler closer and closer to her death. I just imagine if this happened on US TV, there’d be 90 min. documentaries to follow up on this incident, while on Mexican TV they finished the show like this didn’t even happen.