Fuck Joe Mixon. Fuck anyone who knew about this situation back in 2014 and didn’t come up and say/do something about it. This is a BAD look by the Oklahoma Sooners star running back. The first time I watched the video I audibly gasped.

How was this video not released in 2014? How is Bob Stoops supposed to know about this situation and keep Joe Mixon on scholarship!?* How can another humanbeing watch that video and go “yeah that sucks but I like to win more than I care that some girl got SOCKED in the face.” Don’t worry about it, we’ll just suspend him for a year but keep him on the team after that.

Joe Mixon is trying to stay ahead of the story and control it first by having his attorney release this tape before NFL teams could get a hand on it:

The attorneys for Joe Mixon released a surveillance video Friday that shows the Oklahoma star running back punching a female student in 2014.

Mixon’s attorneys, however, said the running back asked that they make public the video before the city’s deadline.

“I was not drinking,” he said in the apology, which was sent to The Oklahoman. “I have never had a drink in my life. At the end of the night, a group of apparently drunk people started harassing us. Some of my teammates were wise enough to leave. I did not, and I am sorry.”

Don’t think that helps very much this time.

I get that people deserve 2nd chances. Normally that is one of the things I believe in the most. When I see a guy hit a girl that goes out the window. You hit a girl, you don’t deserve a second chance. End of story.


* I guess that makes sense when it just came out 3 days ago that Bob Stoops “didnt know about” Dede Westbrooks’ past arrests. Oh yeah, Stoops? You don’t know where your star WR is at all times? K.