There have been a handful of pairs of identical twin brothers to play in the NBA. And, from the Van Arsdales to the Grants to the Lopezes, there has been a common theme: one of the brothers has been the undisputed better player in both the college and professional ranks. However, the latest identical twins to break onto the NBA scene, the Morris twins, are outliers.

With the Kansas Jayhawks, forward Marcus Morris was far and away better than his twin brother, Markieff. Despite being smaller and less physical than Markieff, Marcus was a more well-rounded player in college and racked up awards because of it. While Markieff failed to even make it onto the All-Big 12 first team during his college career, Marcus did that and more, receiving second-team All-American honors in 2011 and also being named the Big 12 Player of the Year that season.

However, the twins’ NBA careers have been far different stories. Marcus has struggled to make an impact while mostly coming off of the bench, yet Markieff has established himself as a rising star at the power forward position. The two played together for a stretch with the Phoenix Suns, and Marcus never escaped Markieff’s shadow. That disparity in NBA skill sets was epitomized tonight in a game between Marcus’s Detroit Pistons and Markieff’s Washington Wizards.

Man, that must have been embarrassing for Marcus. The block by Markieff was not even that awe-inspiring simply because Marcus stood literally no chance of making that layup. It was life a grown man swatting a little kid’s shot, despite the fact that Markieff is a mere inch taller than Marcus.

Markieff kept the showboating to a minimum, not wanting to upstage his twin brother, and Marcus appeared to laugh being stuffed by his twin brother (whom he used to be better than) off. But there had to be some deep-seated resentment boiling inside of Marcus following Markieff’s one-man block party. Appropriately enough, the Morris twins hail from Philadelphia, making this an instance of brotherly love lost.