This will probably not happen every week even though this is called Weekly Wagers. When I did College Football Weekly Wagers there were good games every week. With college basketball it is hit or miss, or at least it’s like that until after football bowl season.

Disclaimer: I need to get back in the groove of things with college basketball so cut me some slack in the next few weeks as my mind is still somewhat on college football.


  • Notre Dame +2.5 vs. Purdue
    • Matchup of two top 25 teams. Notre Dame is better than a lot of people expected this year.  Matt Farrell is a very underrated basketball player.
  • UCLA -9 vs. Ohio State
    • I’ll say it here, I hate Duke. I’ll be very bias against them this year even though they are very good. With that being said, I think UCLA is the best team in the country right now.
  • Butler vs. Indiana -2.5
    • This might be second game of the week. Butler is upsetting people left and right but Indiana should be able to narrowly escape this.
  • Arizona +4 vs. Texas A&M
    • I don’t understand how Arizona is the underdog here. Arizona is just solid at basketball every year, that’s a fact.
  • Kentucky (Pick Em) vs. UNC
    • The only reason I took Kentucky here is because they are home and also because Berry on UNC is just getting back so he still needs to get into the groove of things.



Only one this week because I still need to get back into college basketball. Of course I am picking the game of the weekend and that is UNC vs. Kentucky. Two of the best teams in the country and they’re facing head to head the week before Christmas. Doesn’t get any better than that. The line is 165 and I am taking the OVER because life is too short to bet the under unless you are certain.