Let me start by saying that this is such a loaded question. When I was recently asked what my favorite Christmas Carol was, I couldn’t immediately answer.

There are just so many factors to consider when trying to pick only one favorite. So much depends on both the artist and your mood. Personally, the artist will make or break the Christmas Carol for me.

I tweeted this out last week while I was listening to Christmas Radio on Pandora:

The way that Andy Williams sang a Christmas carol was just absolutely perfect. For your convenience, I have embedded The Andy Williams Christmas Album below. Enjoy almost a full hour of pure perfection!

Of course I was exaggerating for effect just a bit in that tweet because Sinatra is a very close second. He and Williams are the 1 and 1A in my opinion. We also have to discuss a couple of the songs that people either love or hate. No two songs are as polarizing as Dominick the Christmas Donkey and I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas  and I love both of them.

If I were forced to pick just one though, I would have to go with¬†Happy Holiday¬†by Williams. It’s just such a banger. I’d love to hear what your all time favorite Christmas Carol is. If you had to pick one, what would it be?¬†Tweet me your answer.