When I saw Casey Affleck was hosting the Saturday Night Live Christmas Episode, I’m not going to lie, it was a bit underwhelming. He’s not even the most famous member of his family, and usually SNL books a huge star to host this episode. I know Affleck has a huge new movie out called, ‘Manchester By The Sea’ which may be the saddest movie of the year, but it just didn’t feel right for him to be hosting at this time.

Boy was I totally off-base here. Casey Affleck was a fantastic host and throughout the episode you could tell he was having a blast. Overall, the episode was very good, but I have a developing theory that SNL is focusing too much of their content on Donald Trump. Listen, I’m not a fan of Trump but I want to get away from the real world when I consume SNL and it seemed like every other sketch had some link to Trump or Hillary Clinton. The election is over, let’s move on.

Sketch of the Night:

The Affleck brothers are well-known Boston natives, so once I saw Casey appear with a Carhartt jacket, a Bruins hat, inside of a Dunkin’ Donuts I knew this sketch would be my favorite. The reason I enjoyed it so much is because only people from the New England area would really be able to relate. Everyone has been inside a Dunkin’ Donuts where you have a business man in a suit getting a Box’o’Joe for the office, while there’s two construction workers swearing up a storm about how much they hate their jobs.