If someone fell asleep for all of 2016, this video would be a perfect synopsis of what happened this year.

After this video put out yesterday from MTV News I was left at a lost for words, which is never the case for me. I really didn’t even know what I was watching at first. Was this supposed to be a joke? And after hearing the backlash on social media I guess this video was serious.


I mean the hypocrisy of some hipster news organizations like MTV News is outrageous. First off, why is MTV trying to do News? Shouldn’t staffers at the company be busy finding their next Teen Mom or going through hundreds of Real World casting tapes from Frat Guys across the Midwest?

Just picture if a news outlet like Fox News put out a video telling Black or Hispanic guys what they can improve on in 2017. There would be so much outrage I couldn’t even go on the internet for the next couple of days.

Listen, I know white guys have it made in this country, I’m one of them, but saying America has never been great for anyone  other than white guys is soooo insulting to this great nation. Blaming other races and genders for your problems is becoming more and more prevalent in America and that’s a scary proposition.

Yes we all have room for improvement, but putting out a New Year’s Resolution video targeting one gender and race smells and sounds like racism to me. But hey, what do I know, I’m just a white guy.


P.S.: I’m not even going to comment on the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ joke they made in the video. It’s almost too disgusting and insensitive to comment on.