So Cole wrote a really well done article this morning about Grayson Allen and how he is a headcase. I couldn’t agree more, Grayson Allen sucks. Β Duke sucks. I hate Duke with a passion but that blog is for another day. Β Today, obviously the focus is on Grayson. This whole tripping thing has become a national story, as it should be. It’s a few days before Christmas, there is not much really going on, and then the most hated player on the most hated team in the country blatantly tripped, for the THIRD time, an opponent on national TV.

First things first, People need to relax about tripping. It’s pretty shitty but it’s not like he’s kicking people in the dick or punching them in the face. Tripping isn’t the best look but it is also not the worst look.

What is more important here is Grayson’s reaction after the call.

Hey Grayson Allen…. grow up dude. You kidding me with this shit? Why are you crying on the bench? You blatantly tripped a guy and you are known to do that. Embrace that shit. For Christ sake you look identical to Ted Cruz, that is a villain move in its own right. You need to become self aware and know your role in society which is a college basketball villain. You clearly aren’t going to stop tripping people so you might as well have it happen, look down at the player you tripped, chuckle, and walk away emotionless. If you embraced being an asshole like you really are maybe more people would tolerate you. I know that is somewhat backwards thinking but that’s how the world works sometimes.

Sidenote: I know we talk a lot about the movie Brink!Β here and rightfully so. Well recently I have started to compare people in real life to either being team PupnSuds or team Xblades. Grayson would literally be neither of those teams. He would try to be PupnSuds but would then get kicked off and not understand why. He needs to fully be team Xblades.