Every year I make sure I watch 3 Christmas movies between Thanksgiving and Christmas day: Home Alone, Home Alone 2, and It’s A Wonderful Life. Sure, I watch other Christmas movies like Jingle All The Way and Christmas Vacation, but those 3 movies are my staples.  And every year right around this time I fall in love with Donna Reed aka Mary aka George Bailey’s wife in It’s A Wonderful Life.  I’ve just never had a platform to announce my love for her until this year.

I think have done my fair share of posting pictures of attractive women on The Ledge. Some of the people I have posted include:

Never once have a I posted a dead women on here but Donna Reed is the perfect wife. She’s good looking, thoughtful, loving, cool and sympathizing.  Doesn’t get much better than that and keep in mind she would be ahead of the curve because no other women in 1946 was like that! I don’t know what women were like in 1946 but I don’t really want to know either.

Donna Reed you are great. I’ll lasso the moon for you don’t worry.

Hey George, back off man. This is when I fell in love with Mary too.

[ Pictures now > vs. pictures taken in 1930]