Tom Hardy is a great actor. He’s also English. And cool. And jacked. And an absolute badass. But to be such a great actor, he seems to be confined in terms of roles that he is able to land.

Of course, considering that he’s built like a heavyweight MMA fighter, Hardy can only act in so many different genres of movies. I mean, he wouldn’t exactly fit the mold for the lead in a romantic comedy. But Hardy makes the most of his roles and has fully secured himself in recent years as the baddest man in Hollywood, like a 21st century Clint Eastwood on steroids.

From Bane to Mad Max, Hardy consistently plays soft-spoken badasses who left their ass-kicking abilities do the talking. Hardy’s new role as tattooed explorer/vigilante James Delaney in the FX show Taboo, is perfect for him.

The show itself is made for Hardy. With his proper accent, throwback haircut and hardened disposition, Hardy is regularly cast in movies set in the 1800s and the early 1900s, and Taboo is no exception, with it being set in the heart of early imperialism in the United Kingdom during the early 1800s.

In addition, Delaney is a mysterious anti-hero who seems to be completely void of fear and intent on enacting revenge upon those who have wronged him. Oh, and he’s freakishly calm and mild-mannered to be such a badass. Needless to say, that is the epitome of a Tom Hardy character.

FOX did an excellent job (almost to the point of overkill) of advertising the show for its sister network FX during today’s NFL broadcasts, and, like me, I’m sure loads of viewers across the country were intrigued to the point of wanting to tune in.

Evidently, Taboo is a mini-series, which makes sense due to the fact that Hardy and producer Ridley Scott are prominent, busy figures in the movie industry who likely don’t have the time to get fully invested in a long-running television show. So be sure to enjoy it while you can. Taboo premieres on January 10, and it’s sure to be one of 2017’s most thrilling shows.


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