Week 16 in the NFL brought with it plenty of thrilling games but also proved that the injury bug has zero chill and zero mercy. With two young stars at the quarterback position (Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota) suffering severe leg injuries, a major damper was placed onto Christmas weekend for NFL fans. Only one week of the regular season remains, so here are plenty of hot takes to wrap up what we witnessed in Week 16.

1. If you’re a head coach in the NFL, keep your quarterbacks safe and your starting quarterbacks safer. Especially if your team is winning by 19 points in the fourth quarter. Right, Mark Davis?

2. Christmas miracles do exist. Just ask this Cleveland weatherman.

3. When a team has a player on the roster that’s damn near as old as the coaches, there’s bound to be trouble.

4. Odell Beckham, Jr., is still a freakin’ nutcase.

5. No Gronk, no problem for Tom Terrific.

6. The Falcons are rolling on all cylinders…for now. But God knows that the Falcons always turn into the Pigeons when the playoffs roll around.

7. If you can’t bring down a 180-pound man at the goal line, you don’t deserve to get in the playoffs.

8. In the year of shitty kicking, it’s excusable to celebrate making a 43-yard field goal like it was 63 yards.

9. In case you haven’t noticed, the Cowboys are a virtually unstoppable freight train. Oh, and, on top of being an elite wideout, Dez Bryant has a pretty damn good arm. It’s amazing what he can do when he stays out of seedy Walmart parking lots.

10. Wait a minute. The 49ers, the Browns and the Jaguars all WON this week? It must be a sign of the coming apocalypse. Nostradamus was off by four years.