Tony Dungy was riding high in January of 2009. He was coaching an Indianapolis Colts team led by Peyton Manning in his prime. He was a few years removed from winning a Super Bowl with the Colts, who appeared poised to continue to compete at the Super Bowl level for many years to come. However, Dungy shocked the football world that month by retiring from football, opting to hang up his coaching whistle and ride off into the sunset.

For a few years after his retirement, there was speculation that he could consider a return to the coaching ranks if the right job opened up. But Dungy never so much as interviewed for a position, choosing instead to embrace his new analyst role on NBC’s NFL coverage.

The Dungy coaching rumors have been practically non-existent in recent years, and, with Dungy being enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August, one would figure that the legendary coach was indeed retired for good.

One would figure. But, apparently, some moron decided to fire up the rumor mill with the dumbest rumor in the history of the National Football League. As ludicrous as this seems, there has been some speculation over the course of the past few weeks that Dungy could be coaxed out of retirement to coach the…(Are you ready?)…Jacksonville Jaguars!

Yes, the most pitiful franchise in the NFL (because at least the Cleveland Browns have a legitimate fan base and were once upon a time a good team) was considered a possible landing spot for a man who walked away from a job that involved coaching Peyton Manning.

Unsurprisingly, Tony Dungy squelched the speculation that he may return to coaching, saying, “I am done with that, for sure.” Of course, Dungy is too nice of a guy to say what he really thought: “Why the hell would I walk away from an easy as hell analyst gig to try and turn around the sorry-ass Jaguars?” But, then again, why would anyone want to try and turn around the sorry-ass Jaguars? That’s what I like to call an effort in futility.