I’m just going to say what we’ve all been thinking. Who cares about all these nonsense bowls that have been going on? I mean really, who is going to stop family activities around Christmas to watch the RAYCOM Media Camellia Bowl or the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? BETTER YET, how many of y’all watched the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl?

Honestly, it probably wasn’t many of you and I don’t blame you. There is WAY too many bowls and everyone has said that. Yet, no one has done a damn thing about it. Seriously, we need to up the entry on these things, make it  harder or something. No way winning HALF your games qualifies you for an extra one. Lets make the cut off like 8 or something. I can’t watch anymore crappy bowl games and you shouldn’t have to either.

Anyways, before I start to preview some of the better games later today, I wanted to give a shout out to those in the crappy bowls that have already been played. You know, throw out some highlights for you in the Holiday spirit.

Remember when Houston was supposed to be good? Yeah, me too. So anyways, they went 9-3 in the regular season, which isn’t that bad. Then they lost in their bowl to San Diego State. Which might sound bad, but SD State went 10-3 with one of the nations best running backs. Donnel Pumphrey set the FBS record for most yards in the game. So while a bad look for Houston, this was a great one for SDSU and Pumphrey.

One of America’s favorite teams, #25 Navy, impressed a lot of folks this year. They took down Houston early and maintained a decent season. It was said they might even cause some commotion in the bowl games if they had beaten Army. While they finally lost to their rival, they still ended up bowl bound. After a back and fourth game, the Midshipman lost on a late field goal ruining the chances at a 10-win season. No worries Navy, half of America still loves you!!

We had the exception to the 6-win rule Mississippi State head to a bowl game against a MAC team who started the season 0-6. I honestly pray no one watched this god awful game because I don’t know why it even happened. Somehow, Mississippi State blocked a field goal to end the game and win by a single point. The final score was 17-16, really wishing that was a joke, but it’s not. Just think, some people ACTUALLY watched this.

Despite all of the distractions surrounding Wake Forest, the team was able to get it done, without their plays being leaked. The Demons went up early and felt a scare when #24 Temple started to come back. Fortunate for WF, they stood strong and secured a W, ending the season on a high note.

The only other exciting moment thus far has been the Army vs North Texas game. The only game to have gone to OT and it made America happy. America’s other team, Army, was able to secure the W in OT. After scoring first, the defense but up a stop for Army. The season ended perfectly for the Black Knights, a win over their rival and a bowl game W. What a year guys.

Other shout outs are in order for Idaho and Hawaii for putting up 61 and 52 points on their opponents in bowl games.

Thankfully most boring bowl games are over and we can start to get into the good ones, thank ya Jesus.