Welcome, Folks! I am the newest writer at The Ledge Sports and here to help you win the BIG BUCKS! In these articles we are going to analyze the three bets you need to make for the night. Tonight, we start with UFC 207 aka Rousey’s Return. There are a handful of fights I will be placing bets on, but enough talking, lets roll!!

Neil Magny vs Johny Hendricks

Johny Hendricks’ career is out of control and he now finds himself drowning in the depths of the Welterweight division. Since fighting Robbie Lawler (the first time) and becoming the UFC Welterweight Champion, Hendricks now has a record of 1-3 in his last 4 fights. Talk about a big drop off! “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks needs a win tomorrow night against rising fighter, Neil Magny. With impressive wins over prospect Erik Silva, contender Kevin Gastelum, and veteran Hector Lombard, Magny is looking to make a strong campaign for himself in 2017. His cardio and reach advantage are off the charts in this fight, giving him a huge edge. Give me Magny any day of the week at (-135). Magny over Hendricks. 

Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes

Anyone excited for the return of Ronda Rousey? I know I am! Want to know why? Because she is going to make me a lot of money by losing to Amanda Nunes. Let me tell you my theory on top MMA fighters that go 5+ years on winning streaks and then suffer a loss.. THEY NEVER GET BACK TO THAT ELITE LEVEL. Lets list off a few examples: Renan Barao went on a 10 year winning streak then ran into TJ Dillshaw and is now 2-3 in his last 5 fights. Fedor Emelianenko was considered a God in Russia by winning every fight from 2000 to 2009, then he was defeated by Fabricio Werdum and proceeded to lose 3 fights in a row. Finally, Anderson Silva has won every single one of his UFC fights…expect his last 5. Get the trend? Rousey is mentally weak and will fall into the same category as these legends. Her biggest weakness is fighting boxers with great take down defense. To no surprise, Nunes has a KO% of 70% and has a 74% take down defense. I love Nunes as an underdog in this fight (+120) and I will even be placing a bet for her to win by KO. Nunes over Rousey.

Dong Hyun Kim vs Tarec Saffiedine

Alright lets get down to the first ever “Big Buck Hunter Guarantee” 🙂 This fight was particularly easy for me to pick. Dong Hyun Kim is the definition of an overall well-rounded fighter. He is comfortable on the feet, in the clinch, on the ground, and has no problem grinding out W’s. He has only been defeated 3 times in his entire professional career and all of those have come via KO. Saffiedine is by no means a KO specialist with only 1 KO out of 16 overall wins. I like the “Stun Gun” to finish Saffiedine and continue his ascension through the Welterweight ranks (-150). Hyun Kim over Saffiedine. 

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