It is about damn time. We have been waiting for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend for about a month now.  Weekly Wager is back and it is back for the College Football playoffs as well as other big boy games.

Let’s do one last Weekly Wager until next college football season.


  • UNC +3 vs. Stanford
    • Not sure what Vegas knows that we don’t? Christian McCaffrey isn’t playing in the game and Mitch Trubisky is a top 5 NFL draft pick in a few months.  Done
  • Michigan -7 vs. Florida State
    • Michigan’s defense is one of the best in the country and Florida State’s freshmen QB is not ready for the big stage.
  • Alabama -14 vs. Washington
    • Washington hasn’t played shit this year. I get why the committee picked them but Bama is Bama.
  • Ohio State vs. Clemson +3
    • I honestly thinking this is an under 3 point game right to the end. An absolute down to the wire battle between two of the best teams…I trust Watson more than OSU or at least to lose by less than 3.
  • Penn State +7 vs. USC
    • I was wrong about Penn State earlier in the year and while USC is one of the best teams in the country the last few months, I’ll take the points here.


  • Michigan vs. Florida State 51 UNDER
    • Read above.
  • Alabama vs. Washington 53 OVER
    • Alabama could get 40 points themselves with 30 of them coming from their defense. I’m kidding but not really.
  • Clemson vs. Ohio State 59 UNDER
    • I was very close to taking the over but in these types of games when teams are almost dead even, it should be a battle.
  • Oklahoma vs. Auburn OVER
    • I don’t care what the over even is. This game is going over because Oklahoma is playing in it and they don’t know how to spell defense.
  • TCU vs. Georgia 49 OVER
    • This one is hit or miss but there should be plenty of sloppy defensive plays with both teams off a little over a month now and not playing for anything.