I’m going to be honest, I completely forget Ronda Rousey was fighting tonight. I don’t know if it’s because its the deadest week of the year or that the UFC hasn’t marketed her as much as they used to now that they have McGregor.  Regardless, the fight is happening tonight and it should be pretty good. I say pretty good because I think Ronda is a shell of how she used to be.  She used to be the best fighter in the UFC hands down.  Now… well I guess we’ll find out tonight.

Our new gambling writer, Drew, did a great job covering the predictions and spreads of the fight so I won’t do that.  I’m here to post hype videos and to briefly talk about the 2 big fights tonight since no one gives a shit.

Quick sentence about the post main event. Don’t sleep on Dominik Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt. Should be a hell of a fight.  Cruz is maybe the most underrated fighter in the UFC and has the most unique fighting style I’ve ever seen. He has such weird motions that he throws his opponents off all the time.  Garbrandt is and up and coming UFC beast that has the looks and tattoos to be a superstar if his skills follow.


We all know that the last time Ronda was in the Octagon, it did not go well for her. It was over a year ago now and she was on top of the world and just got her ass BEAT by Holly Holm.  Long story no story, the title has gone through 3 other girls since then and Ronda’s opponent tonight, Amanda Nunes, currently has the title.

There has been really no shitting talking between opponents. Apparently, Ronda Rousey might not be there mentally still as she had to be consoled after the weigh in a few months back.  Ronda didn’t even do the post weigh in interview with Joe Rogan. That either means she is totally locked in and mentally not there at all.  There is no in between. We will find out tonight which one it is. *

Here is the full rundown of all Rousey events leading up to tonight.


* I am 100 percent betting on Rousey. I’ll go down with the ship I don’t care but I can’t not bet against her.