The best day of the year is upon us. We have made it y’all. The CFB Playoff games start tonight and I know you are all excited.

365 days we have waited. Countless weeks of bad football. Countless weeks of GREAT football. Now we are here. I’m VERY proud of us for making it this far.

My Current Bowl Record: 2-10

Now let’s get to it:

#13 Louisville vs #20 LSU

11 AM, Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl
: Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, LSU RB Leonard Fournette, LSU RB Derrius Guice
What: Well, we’ve got the Heisman winner and then we’ve got a new full time head coach. We all know what Louisville is capable of. We all know what Louisville has, it’s no secret. Lamar Jackson has been and will be the most memorable thing about the 2016 season for Louisville. They sat on the outside of the playoff’s for a long time before blowing it. So they ended up here with the Heisman winner. Jackson can throw, Jackson can run, Jackson can leap, Jackson can do pretty much everything behind his solid offensive line. For the most part of the season the Louisville defense was also spectacular. Yet, now they face LSU. Another program with a lot of potential that didn’t shine through. RB Fournette opted to leave the team behind and prepare for the draft. Lucky for LSU, they still have their #1 RB Guice. Guice ran for over 1,200 yards in the absence of Fournette. Despite the powerful offense that LSU does bring, will the defense be able to stop Jackson? Not many teams have been able to stop him, but it is possible, let’s see if LSU can get it done.

My Pick: Louisville

Georgia Tech vs Kentucky

11 AM, Taxslayer Bowl
: GT QB Justin Thomas, Kentucky RB Stanley Williams
What: Both of these teams ended their seasons on high notes by beating their instate rivals. Both squads are running high off that excitement and trying to keep the momentum going. GT likes to run. They lead the ACC  in rushing and were ranked 10th nationally. Lucky for the Yellow Jackets, they also have an arm with Thomas under center. While they might not go to the air often, it does happen. Kentucky also likes to run the ball. It’s what they are best at. Run and run well. Williams ran for over 1,100 yards this season with 7 TD’s. So both offenses like to run, will the defenses be able to stop them? Kentucky ranked worst in the SEC against the rush which means they’ll have to work harder to stop GT.

My Pick: Georgia Tech


And now, the CFB Semi Final Games. The winners of these bowl games will go on to play in the National Championship Monday, January 9th. Who will it be?

#1 Alabama vs #4 Washington

3 pm, Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl
: Alabama QB Jalen Hurts, Washington QB Jake Browning
What: Washington is being tasked with one of the hardest tasks known to football as we know it. They have to stop Alabama. Alabama gives up an average of 2.03 yards a carry and has only allowed 3 rushing TD’s this season. Washington knows what is ahead of them. They know the difficult ask they have to accomplish to get to an even bigger stage. How do they plan to do it? They don’t even know yet but Browning is going to do his best to get points on the board. With RB Myles Gaskin and WR John Ross, don’t expect the Huskies to go down without a fight. They’ve put up some big numbers on teams this season. Were those teams better then Alabama? No, of course not, but they know how to find the end zone in any fashion. Both Gaskin and Ross have over 1,100 yards in their respective roles. Washington’s defense has also held it’s own this season. The greatest amount of points they gave up this season was 28. They’ve held Colorado State to 10 points and Stanford to 7. They shut down Christian McCaffrey in their game against Stanford. Now, for Alabama, just watch everyone. Seriously. Just enjoy the greatness that is possessing the field at any time. Defense, offense, shit even the band. WATCH THE BAND DANG IT.

While this game seems to have an easy winner, hopefully it is an entertaining game. Washington defense is talented and can stop a powerful offense. They also have a great offense that can put up the points. Yet, will they be able to stop the Tide while also putting up those points? It will be interesting to watch.

My Pick: Alabama

#2 Clemson vs #3 Ohio State

7 pm, PlayStation Feista Bowl
: Clemson WR Mike Williams, Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett
What: This. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. This is why the playoffs were made. Two of the best teams in the country going at it for one spot. I am THRILLED right now and can’t wait for this game. This game has two incredible QB’s that come to this match up with amazing careers. We’ve got RB’s and WR’s ready to go, this almost feels like the Ship right here. Ohio State has been here. Clemson has been here. They know the feeling of winning their Semi Final and making it to the show. Ohio State walked away with the title, Clemson did not. Ohio State is here to grab what is theirs, again. Clemson is here to prove they can be the best team and finally win.

Clemson has Deshaun Watson. Everyone knows him, everyone knows his talent. Knows what he can do on the field. He’s shown us for three years now. This year Watson has two key backups. WR Mike Williams and RB Wayne Gallman. These two are dangerous assets to Watson. When he has these two on the field, you better keep that head on a swivel.

Ohio State has J.T. Barrett. He throws, he runs, he does what he needs to do to get the first down. He has RB Mike Weber and WR Curtis Samuel to help him out. The Buckeyes passing game hasn’t been the best this year. With only 4 plays of more then 40 yards, we won’t see Barrett going long unless he can’t get Weber moving.

Both team have incredible defenses. These defensive lines are holding back some of the best teams in the country. Clemson stopped Louisville + Florida State. Ohio State stopped Michigan + Wisconsin. They aren’t messing around.

I’m going to predict a lot of punts and field goals. Two of the best offenses vs two of the best defenses. Honestly, this game may never end. This is the match-up CFB needed.

Now, before I get to my pick, I’m going to write a small disclaimer. I am picking a winner. Yet, I would not be surprised if the other wins. This is a game that I feel is unpredictable because it is the best game this bowl season (excluding the National Championship). So if my pick doesn’t win, I won’t be mad because I actually flipped a coin on this one to pick who wins.

My Pick: Clemson