Damn, well that was brutal. Honestly a little shocking too. Ronda Rousey didn’t lose, she got eviscerated. It was a 48 second beatdown and not remotely a fight.

I honestly don’t know if Rousey threw more than 2 punches that entire fight. I understand that her whole fighting technique is more taking girls to the ground and dominating rather than throwing punches, but put up more of a fight than that Ronda.

I said in yesterday’s preview, she is either going to come out flying or she’s still mentally not there, there was no in between. I thought that she looked more focus than any other fight in here career during the weigh-ins but I guess that is not the case. She got her ass kicked plain and simple. I would be very surprised if she didn’t retire after this. It was a good run Ronda.

Sidenote: There was a great poll on The Ledge twitter account that asked if ‘Holly Holm ended Ronda Rousey’s career’ and it was pretty much a unanimous yes. The poll isn’t on the account anymore which is very suspect but I tend to agree with the people and say that Holly Holm ended Ronda Rousey.