Week 17 of the NFL slate is in the books, as is the 2016 NFL regular season, one of the wackiest, most unpredictable regular seasons in league history. Only six of last year’s playoff teams are in the field again this year, and only one team from last season’s conference championship lineup is back. Sadly, a couple of quarterback injuries have marred what should be feel-good stories heading into the postseason, but, nonetheless, the playoffs should have plenty of excitement in store for us. As for Week 17, due to the conclusion of regular season action, combined with retirements and firings, this past week has been rather hectic. Here are some hot takes to sum up some of the goings-on.

1. A year later than he originally planned, legendary trash-talker and superstar wide receiver Steve Smith, Sr., retired after the Baltimore Ravens’ final game on Sunday. Sadly, he never won a Super Bowl, but he’ll always remain the champion of shit-talking. Ice up, son!

2. To the surprise of no one, Mike McCoy was fired by the San Diego Charges. To the surprise of only Chip Kelly, Chip Kelly was fired by the San Francisco 49ers. Evidently, Chip wanted the 49ers to draft Dak Prescott back in April, but management wanted to go in a different direction. Now, Kelly is eager to accept a new job elsewhere. He’s said to be “willing” to take an NFL offensive coordinator job, which is interesting because there may not be any NFL teams “willing” to let him anywhere near their offense.

3. Gary Kubiak stepped down as head coach of the Denver Broncos due to health concerns and the constant stress of the coaching profession today. Dealing with noodle arm Peyton Manning all of last year probably didn’t help matters. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. The undisputed top defensive mind in the NFL coaching ranks right now, Phillips may look to venture back into head coaching.

4. Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage suffered a concussion in his second career start on Sunday afternoon, and Houston fans are devastated. Why? Because, now, the Texans are going to have to reluctantly start the quarterback (Brock Osweiler) whom they signed to a $72,000,000 contract less than a year ago. Let that sink in.

5. Oh, yeah, by the way…Aaron Rodgers is back.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell threw the worst hissy fit in the history of football (including Pop Warner) during an absolutely meaningless game against the Cleveland Browns. But can you really blame in? I mean, how would you feel if you were about to lose to the Browns? Needless to say, the Browns found a way to blow the game, however, so Mitchell walked away a winner (but not really).

7. Somehow, Sam Bradford was the most efficient passer in the NFL this season. Technically, he’s the most efficient passer of all time, which is the ultimate paradox. Still think numbers never lie?

8. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons’ offense are firing on all cylinders right now. (That playoff implosion is right around the corner, though.) Ryan has been so good this year that Falcons fans were actually chanting, “M-V-P!” on Sunday in his honor. Matt Ryan as the Most Valuable Player in the NFL? That might be an even bigger oxymoron/paradox than referring to Sam Bradford as efficient.

9. Shockingly, this gruesome-looking injury right here

only resulted in a sprained MCL that won’t even require surgery. No wonder David Johnson has been freakishly good this year. He’s a damn X-Man!

10. Tony Romo took some snaps for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17. He looked like the Romo of old, leading the ‘Boys on a touchdown-scoring drive.

Mark Sanchez got in on the action, as well, and he also looked like his old self, throwing zero touchdowns and two interceptions. At least he avoided doing this again, though.

11. Kirk Cousins proved yet again that’s he a me-first, entitled jackass over the weekend. He played like crap, costing the Washington Redskins a playoff berth, but was quick to talk about how much money he thinks he’s worth afterward.

No, Kirk, I don’t like that. Screw you.

12. Reggie Bush epitomized why so many NFL running backs retire early nowadays, as the 31-year-old became the first running back since the merger to finish with negative yardage on the season. That’s what he gets for fooling around with a Kardashian. His career has never been the same since.

13. The Cleveland Browns will have the first pick in the 2017 draft…and the 2018 draft…and the 2019 draft. Probably the 2020 draft, too.