Danny Pimsanguan is the name of Cody Garbrandt’s girlfriend.. If you don’t know Cody Garbrandt by now, then you might potentially live under a rock. Garbrandt is the new UFC Bantamweight Champion defeating an absolute beast in Dominick Cruz.

I know that is long but long story short is that Dom get beat pretty well by Cody. Now that Cody is champion, his life will change. For one, his girlfriend is about to go up on this website. Good for Cody for, after dating bae Paige VanZant, now dating another babe in Danny Pimsanguan. Don’t ask me who is hotter, Paige VanZant. I’m going to say Paige but I am also admittedly very bias. Click on the link above for pictures of Paige and scroll down to look at pictures of Danny… you can decide for yourself.