Hell of a way to start the year. If you told me 2 days after the new year started we would have Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy social media beef I would have asked where I could sign up.  On one side you have Soulja Boy, who, besides being highly irrelevant, claims that he sold an app for $400 million dollars which no one can find any information on.  On the other side, you have Chris Brown, who beat up Rihanna and also goes above and in beyond in twitter wars (case in point, Taylor Swift). Let’s break it down.

How it all started

So Chris Brown used to date this chick named Karrueche Tran. Who is she? Glad you asked.

Anyway, apparently Soulja Boy threw a like on one of her pictures.

Chris Brown, surprisingly, didn’t take kind to this.

(You see how skinny Chris Brown is now compared to circa 2007, I’m not saying Soulja Boy is right in his accusation but I’m not saying he’s wrong either).

Then Chris Brown and Soulja Boy had a little back and forth on the ‘Gram.

#PressPart: Part 2 #ChrisBrown #SouljaBoy 😩😩😩 #GodBlessYou

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#PressPlay: #ChrisBrown responds to #SouljaBoy (view previous post)

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#PressPlay: #SouljaBoy vs #ChrisBrown

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#PressPlay: #SouljaBoy responds to #ChrisBrown 's boxing challenge

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Yeah what they said.

BIG PART OF THE STORY ALERT: this is when Chris Brown takes it 3 notches overboard and I love every second of it.



That’s Chris Brown commenting on his ex-girlfriend’s instagram… dead skull emoji.



And that my friends concludes the first “rap fued” of 2017. Here is to many more to come.

Sidenote: Brilliant guerilla marketing by both Soulja Boy and Breezy even if they didn’t mean to do it. Soulja Boy is so irrelevant right now that it’s genius by him to start shit with Chris Brown and gain some recognition. Don’t think I haven’t been looking at your retweets Soulja Boy! Game respect game.