No, that’s not the haircut of a delinquent youth being punished by his father for bad behavior. Rather, that’s the haircut of a professional athlete worth many millions of dollars.

JaVale McGee (who is quietly playing for the Golden State Warriors this season) is arguably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the NBA. The former first-round pick is still in the league simply because he’s seven feet tall. McGee is gawky and awkward, both on the court and off of it, and is probably the only player in NBA history to have a longer gag reel from his career than highlight reel.

Now, he has taken a page out of Andrew Bynum’s book and is resorting to sporting ridiculous hairstyles to remain relevant. I honestly don’t even know how to describe that haircut. I’m not even sure if that obelisk of hair in the back is real. It’s like the worst mullet ever…and that’s saying something. It’s like a rat-tail but really more like a beaver-tail.

The funny thing is, though, McGee is the only current NBA player who could get away with something like this. He’s like a 21st century Dennis Rodman but significantly worse at basketball. McGee could try out any ridiculous hairstyle or clothing style, and no one would question. That’s just JaVale being JaVale.

McGee has attracted more attention during his nine-year career for his starring role in Shaquille O’Neal’s blooper segment “Shagtin’ a Fool” on TNT’s Inside the NBA than he has for his actual playing career. Therefore, it was somewhat surprising that JaVale threw some uncomfortable shade Shaq’s way when O’Neal poked fun at his new hairdo.

A simple question from the Big Aristotle. But McGee took offense and randomly compared Shaq to a minstrel.

And all of this mere days after Shaq was willing to go easy on JaVale.

Oh, well. I’m sure that JaVale won’t stay mad at Shaq for long. And I can guarantee you that he won’t last three games without doing something stupid. At least, with his new haircut, McGee reminded us at the dawn of the New Year why we should all be thankful for him. Here’s to many more classic JaVale McGee moves in 2017!