First things first, I need to get this off my chest. I am a massive Sam Hunt guy and I am not afraid to say it. That dude fucks. The one gripe I have had with him is that I needed a new album out of him. Enough is enough Sam, you need to released a new album by this spring, so you can play it on tour. Well Sam finally listened to me (somewhat) and released his new single Drinkin Too Much. Also Sam got engaged to Hannah Lee Fowler and she is something else.

First the song:

Hmmmmm I wonder who the song is about? Probably the same person he apparently wrote all of Montevallo for. I don’t know though, just a wild guess from some kid with a small brain.

Now Hannah Lee Fowler

2017 shaping up to be the year of Sam Hunt (I can’t wait for people to say that about literally everyone who does anything semi-notable it is not obnoxious at all).

No but seriously Sam, that new song is above average the more you listen to it, but I need scorch earth fire for the rest of the album and I need it ASAP.